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The Mor: Review by Michelle & Amaris- POS 19

Destroy the seed of evil, or it will group up to your ruin.” Aesop

The Mor is a science fiction novel written by Steve Soderquist. He has written and published five novels, one novella and a children’s short story of his own. He has edited, formatted, and worked with some of the best-selling authors of today and still insists he has the best job in the world—helping others reach their dream of being a published author. The Mor contains all of the elements that sci-fi fans have a passion for. Evil and peaceful aliens, humans that appear to be zombies, telepathic abilities, and human bionic weapons.  The Illuminous, a peaceful alien race, visited Earth back in the 1950’s. Unfortunately, they weren’t aware of the genocide beings who had attached themselves to the hull of their ship. These beings were the Mor & were also known as Seeds. The seekers (Iluminous aliens) team up with  Cleaners ( A human who had been trained to kill the Mor). Angel (seeker), and Joshua (cleaner) are the protagonists of the story. Every day might be their last as they fight against humans worst enemy- the Mor. When things can’t get any worse, there are 3 brilliant college students who were trying to invent a new fertilizer for plants. As they were experimenting, they fed a Mor, which increased its ability to communicate and grow at an accelerated rate. These college student team up with Angel and Joshua to save the human race. Will this team be able to save the human race?

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