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Agent of Time Review- POS 26

“I wanted to write an adventure story where time travel wasn’t just a way to get a character to a different time once or twice, but it was able to be used constantly to solve problems.” Nathan Van Coops

Agent of Time is a science fiction novel that is apart of the In Times Like These series by Nathan Van Coops. The author has created strong characters that readers will be able to identify with if put in the same situations. The main character, Agent Stella York, is trying to prove herself as an FBI agent in 1985. Her first case involves time travel events and evidence, but no one will believe her. Thirteen years later, she is able to solve the case and finds her life’s purpose. She accepts a new job as an agent with Time Crimes.  Readers will enjoy discovering how time travel is accomplished in Agent of Time. If you love time travel and mystery stories, this book is for you!

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The Mor: Review by Michelle & Amaris- POS 19

Destroy the seed of evil, or it will group up to your ruin.” Aesop

The Mor is a science fiction novel written by Steve Soderquist. He has written and published five novels, one novella and a children’s short story of his own. He has edited, formatted, and worked with some of the best-selling authors of today and still insists he has the best job in the world—helping others reach their dream of being a published author. The Mor contains all of the elements that sci-fi fans have a passion for. Evil and peaceful aliens, humans that appear to be zombies, telepathic abilities, and human bionic weapons.  The Illuminous, a peaceful alien race, visited Earth back in the 1950’s. Unfortunately, they weren’t aware of the genocide beings who had attached themselves to the hull of their ship. These beings were the Mor & were also known as Seeds. The seekers (Iluminous aliens) team up with  Cleaners ( A human who had been trained to kill the Mor). Angel (seeker), and Joshua (cleaner) are the protagonists of the story. Every day might be their last as they fight against humans worst enemy- the Mor. When things can’t get any worse, there are 3 brilliant college students who were trying to invent a new fertilizer for plants. As they were experimenting, they fed a Mor, which increased its ability to communicate and grow at an accelerated rate. These college student team up with Angel and Joshua to save the human race. Will this team be able to save the human race?

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Lt. Reilly 2321: Interview with Matthew O. Duncan- POS 16

” I realized that I wasn’t writing a short story. I was writing a novel & I was LOVING it!” Matthew O. Duncan

Matt not only talks about his book, Lt. Reilly 2321, but also gives inspirational advice to authors. As you listen to the podcast interview you will be amazed about his journey into becoming a successful writer. He started to write in high school & found himself in theatre. When he did not like the audition pieces that he was given, he began to write his own. His pathway leads to writing plays in college, and he had the opportunity to work for Disney. Unfortunately, he discovered that his dream for starting his career for Disney would not happen.

His wife was the support that he needed to reach his dream of becoming a successful writer. Today, he has published 5 books that can be found on his website: www.matthewoduncanbooks.com

He has several books that are audiobooks as well. Dave Cruse has done a tremendous job making these stories come alive!

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Lt Reilly-2321: POS- 15

Writing had never been a real money maker for me, more of an escape and a dream of one day having million people love my work and seeing stories on the big screen starring Hollywood’s best, yet life gets in the way.” Matthew Duncan

Matthew Duncan has written a brilliant and entertaining science fiction novel that really helps the reader feel involved in the story since he wrote it from a first-person perspective. Matthew wrote Lt Reilly 2321 in 2018. The main character, Jack Reilly, is a good-natured and easily likable character. As I learned more about this character, I felt that he was trying to do the right thing. But, circumstances that he found himself in, really challenged him. He kept true to this virtue and was able to change not only his luck, but also helped stop a civil war from happening.

Jack Reilly has the rank of a 2nd Lieutenant & while fighting the war with Serkins, he becomes injured. Only 3 months before his pension starts, he has to take a medical discharge. His life steers him in becoming an engineer on ships and takes a job on a 17-year-old cargo ship, Glacier Runner. Jack quickly discovers that the Captain is involved in an intergalactic conspiracy. After he leaves the ship and finds himself on a Spaceport at Lion’s Head which is a trading post. In the past, this city was populated with people working in the mines. Currently, people who profit off ships coming to port for fuel & water stopovers or people who have nowhere else to go or who are stranded and can’t afford transportation live there. The real adventure begins when another employee from the Glacier Runner, Kayla, joins him while he is eating at the Lion’s Head. Kayla’s own life experiences have made her resilient to any of the unfortunate events that she finds herself in. She becomes a valuable team player while she and Jack confront the conspiracy that develops against them.

The podcast also discusses how science fiction movies inspired some of the technology devices that make our lives so much easier. These devices are cell phones, tablets, self-driving cars, holographic performances, and universal translators.

You can find this novel, Lt. Reilly- 2321 at Lulu and at Amazon.

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Tripp in Time: Interview with Matt Stewart-POS 13

The whole point of Tripp in Time is: When you live your life and you have regrets about something that you did or some decision that you made, and things don’t turn out right, you have this regret that you wish you could go back and change time. But, I don’t believe if you could go back and change time that it would always work out for the best. I think what happens, happens, and that it’s best to live in the moment and not to reflect on the mistakes made in the past.”  Matt Stewart

If you love to read books about time traveling, this book is for you! The author, Matt Stewart, has created a unique time traveling adventure with surprising twist & turns. The story begins in the year 2050 and the world is chaotic. There are only 37 states in the United States that have survived bleak events. There is no longer a President of the United States. What is left of the country is lead by General Stone. Mack Matthews invents a time machine to return to the past to change the events that will lead to the devastating future. Tripp, his nephew, and Ember are pulled into the past as well as they stumble across the same portal that Mack went through. These characters find themselves in the year 2001. Will the future events be changed for the better? Will Tripp, and Ember make it back home to the year 2050? Travel with these characters as you read, Tripp in Time, to find out!

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Brothers of the Light( Interview with Charles Hampton) POS 004

“I am a sculptor, I am a clay: what shall I make today?” Charles Hampton Bush

The main character in, Brothers of the Light, is an author. Michael St. James completes and celebrates another writing masterpiece. Suddenly, his life becomes more remarkable and extraordinary than any of the books that he has written. He is challenged by the phrase, ” The truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities: Truth isn’t” (Mark Twain).

The author of Brothers of the Light, C.B. Hampton created a science fiction novel that will take his readers through a mystery where they will discover clues revealing who Michael and Daniel St. James truly are.

Michael’s self-discovery is hidden in a statement, “Remember the Ankh!” While he goes through this journey he falls in love and realizes that his life will never be the same.

If you enjoy reading mysteries and science-fiction novels, this is a read for you!

You can find books written by C.B. Hampton including Brothers of the Light at Amazon, Lulu, & Barnes and Nobels.

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