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Switch: Interview with Allen Kent- POS 022

I fear we have become too “intellectually sophisticated” to allow for what seems impossible and, as a result, have lost some of our ability to dream, imagine, and accept the possibility of what we can’t explain or understand could be “magical.” Allen Kent

Our featured book, Switch, by Allen Kent is a true treasure! This story is full of mystery and will keep the reader guessing until the end. The writer does a tremendous job when creating the main characters. Not only are these characters living in different centuries, but their personalities and talents are completely different from one another. Ally is a star athlete who plays soccer and enjoys riding horses. Emme is a brilliant artist and musician. The mystery begins when they find themselves switching bodies. The readers will enjoy learning how Ally and Emme change and transform into independent leaders who fulfill their role in the mystery.

During the podcast, Allen Kent explains that he wrote Switch as something of an experiment in cross-genre and cross-generational writing. Two of his granddaughters are of the ages of the characters and are interested in writing. He wanted to see how successfully he could think and write like a 16-year-old girl. He wanted to weave his travel to South Africa into the story as well.

Allen Kent is a USA Today and Amazon best selling author with a number of other writing awards.


Parallel: Interview with Christy Elkins- POS14

” All of us are imperfect & there is good and bad in all of us. Even some of the villainous characters in this story share a little bit of goodness in at least one of them.” Christy Elkins

Have you heard of an Omni-verse (parallel universe) that contains 12 different places? This story explores how these 12 different realms become a reality for a young girl named Luha Jane Quibadeux. Only 14 years of age, she dies tragically in a violent situation. As she dies, she meets another part of herself that is already in purgatory. The author, Christy Elkins, writing style helps the reader learn about the 12 different “parts” of an individual soul that learns about the different lifetimes on these different parallel universes. Each part of this soul has different names and experience different events in their lives that they learn from. Jealousy is felt through several of the souls that did not experience happiness in their lives. When these 12 different parts of the soul become one, in the end, acceptance and forgiveness are the lessons learned.

In the interview, Christy Elkins, explains the creative process that she went through as she wrote this story.  Readers will enjoy taking this journey with the main character as she learns life lessons that continue through her death.


You can find Parallel at Lulu & Amazon

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Tripp in Time: Interview with Matt Stewart-POS 13

The whole point of Tripp in Time is: When you live your life and you have regrets about something that you did or some decision that you made, and things don’t turn out right, you have this regret that you wish you could go back and change time. But, I don’t believe if you could go back and change time that it would always work out for the best. I think what happens, happens, and that it’s best to live in the moment and not to reflect on the mistakes made in the past.”  Matt Stewart

If you love to read books about time traveling, this book is for you! The author, Matt Stewart, has created a unique time traveling adventure with surprising twist & turns. The story begins in the year 2050 and the world is chaotic. There are only 37 states in the United States that have survived bleak events. There is no longer a President of the United States. What is left of the country is lead by General Stone. Mack Matthews invents a time machine to return to the past to change the events that will lead to the devastating future. Tripp, his nephew, and Ember are pulled into the past as well as they stumble across the same portal that Mack went through. These characters find themselves in the year 2001. Will the future events be changed for the better? Will Tripp, and Ember make it back home to the year 2050? Travel with these characters as you read, Tripp in Time, to find out!

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Faeries of Saizia: Interview with Tonya L Chaves- POS 12

“I wanted the main character, Zaria, to be a strong character. In our world today, we need more girl heroes.” Tonya L. Chaves

If you love fairies, elves, dwarfs, and dragons, this book is for you. The author, Tonya L. Chaves, does a beautiful job creating a story that should be on an art canvas. Readers will be able to visualize different parts of an enchanted forest with all of the tiny characters that are involved in an adventure. The two main characters, Avery and Zaria, begin as rebellious and innocent teenagers. The dangerous adventures that they find themselves facing mold them into young adults.

This fantasy story all started when Tonya was telling bedtime stories to her children. Through sleepless nights of thinking through the story, Tonya’s inspiration grew to have this book be published. She became an avid reader in high school, and during stressful times when she needed to escape she would choose fantasy books. Readers will find themselves in an enchanted world as they take an adventure with the forest full of fairies.

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Looking Through the Mist-POS 11

“A vague curling mist suddenly crept along the edges of her vision. Oh, no, not again!”  Quote from Looking Through the Mist 

Looking Through the Mist was written by Rebbeca J. Vickery. This book is considered a mystery, an adventure, a romance, and a paranormal thriller. The main character, Jessica Wilder, has psychic abilities. She has used this gift to consult with the FBI to solve cases that involve children for the past 6 years. Bob Strickland was the first FBI agent to believe and trust in Jessica’s visions. Once he retired, she began a new life working as an illustrator for children’s books. While eating at a diner, she had a vision that would change everything. She had to take a leap of faith and report her vision to the local authorities. She met a detective, Johanthan Lansing, who would support her in solving a case. For once in her life, Jessica accepts her psychic visions as a gift and apart of who she is. Her visions are no longer considered a burden. The love between Johnathan and Jessica grows as they solve the case together.

The author, Rebbeca J. Vickery, has a writing style that allows the readers to visualize the charisma the two main characters share. Rebbeca has stated that “The books that I write have traditional romance themes with ironic twists and usually tales in the style of Edgar Allen Poe and Alfred Hitchcock.” After reading, Looking Through the Mist” I can’t agree more with this statement!

The podcast also features a true intuitive medium/psychic investigator, Troy Griffin.

You can find “Looking Through the Mist” on Amazon or on Lulu.com.

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Disrupting for Good: Using Passion & Persistence to Create Lasting Change-POS:09

The amazing author of Disrupting for Good, Chris Field, has created a book that has allowed ordinary people who have been “disruptors” to be recognized for their accomplishments. Through Chris’ choices to disrupt the mistreatment of children in Ghana, he leads the example of what a disruptor truly is.  He is the founder and executive director of Mercy Project. The mission of Mercy Project is to rescue children from slavery. They partner with families and communities trapped in the cycle of poverty, empowering them with sustainable economic solutions in order to free children from forced labor.

Chris has completed research and shares other disruptors accomplishments that create better futures for society. A nursing home in Seattle has a daycare center for children contained in the same building. A Boston pizza restaurant hires individuals that are deaf and communicate by using sign language. The customers have to order by using sign language. There are many more stories with creative and touching ideas! Disrupting Good will have readers wanting to be apart of disrupting what needs to be changed in the world and becoming a disruptor.

This podcast also recognizes people that have created businesses in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that gives individuals who are disabled a better future through education, job training, and hope. These businesses are Hugs Cafe (McKinney, Texas), Blake’s Snow Shack (Sanger, Texas),  North Texas Autism Community-29 Acres Transition Academy (Cross Roads, Texas), and Nonpareil Institute (Plano & Houston Texas).

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The Truth About Hannah White: Interview with Mason Pratt POS-008

Novels are just stories and good lawyers are great storytellers.”  Mason Pratt

Imagine a beautiful small town that is located in Maine where people are able to find a connection with nature. This is shattered when a terrible crime has taken place that has taken a life of a seventeen-year-old girl. Hannah’s lifeless body was found in a shallow grave. The main character, Sam Morse, is a warden and finds himself searching for evidence, and clues that will lead him to the killer. The author, Mason Pratt, will take readers on a mysterious journey with the characters as they experience faith, forgiveness, love, and how to grow as a person through a relationship. The description of each character and settings are so vivid that the reader will be able to visualize and imagine the scenes as they unfold. Yes, this mystery story proves that lawyers are great storytellers!

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FBI Ghosts: Church of the Fallen: POS006

The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.” Genesis 6:4

The author, Jeremy Szekely, creates an intriguing story that keeps the readers engaged until the end. The readers will sympathize with the characters as they go through difficult trials, and endeavors to save the world. Through these journeys, the main character, Aiden learns how to love, trust others, and how to develop a family bond with others. Grace becomes his new partner with the FBI. Grace is unaware of the adventure that will change her life, and the life of her immediate family. Quickly, she learns that she and Aiden will be battling monsters and demons. One case brings them in contact with a “defrocked” priest, and they have to fight the new enemy together.

This new enemy is an occult that is lead by fallen angels that are known as, “Watchers.” In the book of Enoch, there is a list of 200 fallen angels who were supposed to watch over humans. However, these fallen angels became obsessed with human women and procreated among them. The offsprings were known as, Nephilim, savage giants, who endangered the human race. Will these FBI agents be able to defeat this evil to save the world?

This podcast also includes suggestions on how readers can find a good book to read. There are so many books on the market to choose from! These suggestions should make this difficult task easy.


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In Time (Interview with Ariel Russell) POS003

“Time is like a tapestry, every strand connected in some way. It weaves over and around itself in one infinite loop.” 

This podcast includes an interview with Ariel Russell the author of In Time.  Ariel shares her inspirations, and the creative process that she experienced as she wrote this novel. Similar to the main character, Ethne, Ariel recently graduated from high school. In Time was Ariel’s senior project and had to be written less than a year. What a huge accomplishment for any writer!  Currently, Ariel is continuing this magical story with a second book in the series.

If you enjoy reading books that include time travel, and mythology, this novel is for you. Like all high school graduates, Ethne is discovering who she is and what her life purpose is. The truth reveals itself, and this journey to self-discovery leads to dimensional time traveling. These adventures include mythical creatures and magical elements. Life decisions have to be made, and Ethne finds her life pathway that she has to now fulfill.  Readers will enjoy taking these life experiences with Ethne and will admire the person that she becomes.

In Time can be purchased on LuLu.com.

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