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The Mor: Review by Michelle & Amaris- POS 19

Destroy the seed of evil, or it will group up to your ruin.” Aesop

The Mor is a science fiction novel written by Steve Soderquist. He has written and published five novels, one novella and a children’s short story of his own. He has edited, formatted, and worked with some of the best-selling authors of today and still insists he has the best job in the world—helping others reach their dream of being a published author. The Mor contains all of the elements that sci-fi fans have a passion for. Evil and peaceful aliens, humans that appear to be zombies, telepathic abilities, and human bionic weapons.  The Illuminous, a peaceful alien race, visited Earth back in the 1950’s. Unfortunately, they weren’t aware of the genocide beings who had attached themselves to the hull of their ship. These beings were the Mor & were also known as Seeds. The seekers (Iluminous aliens) team up with  Cleaners ( A human who had been trained to kill the Mor). Angel (seeker), and Joshua (cleaner) are the protagonists of the story. Every day might be their last as they fight against humans worst enemy- the Mor. When things can’t get any worse, there are 3 brilliant college students who were trying to invent a new fertilizer for plants. As they were experimenting, they fed a Mor, which increased its ability to communicate and grow at an accelerated rate. These college student team up with Angel and Joshua to save the human race. Will this team be able to save the human race?

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Lack of Candor Review: POS-18

“Life is Cheap-make sure you buy enough.” Carson Reno 

Lack of Candor is the 18th story in the Carson Reno series written by Gerald W. Darnell. The main character, Carson Reno, is a private detective with an office located in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. Carson is a tough, hard drinking and womanizing private detective, but he also shows a sense of humor in difficult situations Carson Reno finds himself protecting a young lady who has information about the death of a Sergeant with the Memphis Police Department. The Sergeant was found dead hours before he was going to give his testimony before a grand jury. Using his connections, he is able to decipher the clues to find the truth behind the events leading up to the death of this Sergeant. The reader will enjoy not only the mystery behind this death but also the pictures that are found on several pages of the book. The author does a tremendous job using visuals that depict the lifestyles of the 60s and readers will be able to “witness” the events that take place in the story as if they were truly present. Was the death of this Sergeant a murder or a suicide?

Information about Gerald W. Darnell:

A Florida native, Gerald grew up in the small town of Humboldt, Tennessee. As a boy, he wrote western stories for his grandmother. In the late 60s and 70s, he wrote articles about outdoor life that included hunting adventures. He collected notes for 20 years that helped him write his first book – ‘Don’t Wake Me Until It’s Time To Go.”  Then, after publication, he was encouraged to do a story about a fictional character from the early 1960’s and Carson Reno was born.

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The House on Hurley Pond Road- Review with Michelle & Amaris: POS- 17

“I decided to write this novel after taking note of the high level of interest that the public was displaying towards nearly all paranormal topics these days. Tales of ghosts, poltergeists and hauntings are talked about freely without any consequence of the storyteller being labeled as “crazy. “Although I could have written this book more than 20 years ago, I don’t think that it would have had the same impact as I hope it will today. I have decided that now is the time to tell my family’s story.” Darren M. Fitzgerald


This podcast reviews the featured book: The House on Hurley Pond Road. The author describes all of the horrendous events that he lived through as a child. His family thought they were moving into “a dream” home, but it quickly turns into a nightmare. The readers will sympathize with this family as these events are described from an adult that reflects about his past. The author’s writing style is more of several journal entries about the history of the home than a narrative story. The readers will need to decide for themselves what type of hauntings were taking place in this home, and how such an “evil” presence could be created in such a beautiful dream home for a young family starting their lives together.


Michelle & Amaris analyze the elements of the story, and dive into paranormal situations and events. Listeners of the podcast will not only learn about the story of Darren M. Fitzgerald, but paranormal correlations that can occur while exploring “true hauntings.”


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What is YOUR story?

Lt. Reilly 2321: Interview with Matthew O. Duncan- POS 16

” I realized that I wasn’t writing a short story. I was writing a novel & I was LOVING it!” Matthew O. Duncan

Matt not only talks about his book, Lt. Reilly 2321, but also gives inspirational advice to authors. As you listen to the podcast interview you will be amazed about his journey into becoming a successful writer. He started to write in high school & found himself in theatre. When he did not like the audition pieces that he was given, he began to write his own. His pathway leads to writing plays in college, and he had the opportunity to work for Disney. Unfortunately, he discovered that his dream for starting his career for Disney would not happen.

His wife was the support that he needed to reach his dream of becoming a successful writer. Today, he has published 5 books that can be found on his website: www.matthewoduncanbooks.com

He has several books that are audiobooks as well. Dave Cruse has done a tremendous job making these stories come alive!

“What is your story?”

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Lt Reilly-2321: POS- 15

Writing had never been a real money maker for me, more of an escape and a dream of one day having million people love my work and seeing stories on the big screen starring Hollywood’s best, yet life gets in the way.” Matthew Duncan

Matthew Duncan has written a brilliant and entertaining science fiction novel that really helps the reader feel involved in the story since he wrote it from a first-person perspective. Matthew wrote Lt Reilly 2321 in 2018. The main character, Jack Reilly, is a good-natured and easily likable character. As I learned more about this character, I felt that he was trying to do the right thing. But, circumstances that he found himself in, really challenged him. He kept true to this virtue and was able to change not only his luck, but also helped stop a civil war from happening.

Jack Reilly has the rank of a 2nd Lieutenant & while fighting the war with Serkins, he becomes injured. Only 3 months before his pension starts, he has to take a medical discharge. His life steers him in becoming an engineer on ships and takes a job on a 17-year-old cargo ship, Glacier Runner. Jack quickly discovers that the Captain is involved in an intergalactic conspiracy. After he leaves the ship and finds himself on a Spaceport at Lion’s Head which is a trading post. In the past, this city was populated with people working in the mines. Currently, people who profit off ships coming to port for fuel & water stopovers or people who have nowhere else to go or who are stranded and can’t afford transportation live there. The real adventure begins when another employee from the Glacier Runner, Kayla, joins him while he is eating at the Lion’s Head. Kayla’s own life experiences have made her resilient to any of the unfortunate events that she finds herself in. She becomes a valuable team player while she and Jack confront the conspiracy that develops against them.

The podcast also discusses how science fiction movies inspired some of the technology devices that make our lives so much easier. These devices are cell phones, tablets, self-driving cars, holographic performances, and universal translators.

You can find this novel, Lt. Reilly- 2321 at Lulu and at Amazon.

What is your story?

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Parallel: Interview with Christy Elkins- POS14

” All of us are imperfect & there is good and bad in all of us. Even some of the villainous characters in this story share a little bit of goodness in at least one of them.” Christy Elkins

Have you heard of an Omni-verse (parallel universe) that contains 12 different places? This story explores how these 12 different realms become a reality for a young girl named Luha Jane Quibadeux. Only 14 years of age, she dies tragically in a violent situation. As she dies, she meets another part of herself that is already in purgatory. The author, Christy Elkins, writing style helps the reader learn about the 12 different “parts” of an individual soul that learns about the different lifetimes on these different parallel universes. Each part of this soul has different names and experience different events in their lives that they learn from. Jealousy is felt through several of the souls that did not experience happiness in their lives. When these 12 different parts of the soul become one, in the end, acceptance and forgiveness are the lessons learned.

In the interview, Christy Elkins, explains the creative process that she went through as she wrote this story.  Readers will enjoy taking this journey with the main character as she learns life lessons that continue through her death.


You can find Parallel at Lulu & Amazon

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FBI Ghosts: Church of the Fallen- Interview with Jeremy Szekely POS-10

“When I got into writing, it was more about having a way to release creativity. The fact I can share it with the world is what fascinates me.”  Jeremy Szekely

The author of the book, Jeremy Szekely, began writing while he was in high school. Comic book writing was his passion, and he discovered that he could write stories without having to illustrate them. His comic book characters and stories were also centered around characters who were part of the history of the occult and Christianity.

During the interview, he explains the research that he completed while creating this story. Jeremy wanted this story to be based upon actual events that would make the story more intriguing. What would happen if an angel who was also a human existed today? How would society treat them?

Jeremy commented that a storyteller should develop a good story that has likable characters who grow and change throughout the story. Plus, the story should be grounded in reality. The hardest obstacle that Jeremy faced while writing his book is having to kill off a character. When authors create characters, they become attached to them, and it is almost like having a friendship with them.

Power of Story Telling reviewed Church of Fallen on Episode 6. Here is a summary of the review:

The author, Jeremy Szekely, creates an intriguing story that keeps the readers engaged until the end. The readers will sympathize with the characters as they go through difficult trials, and endeavors to save the world. Through these journeys, the main character, Aiden learns how to love, trust others, and how to develop a family bond with others. Grace becomes his new partner with the FBI. Grace is unaware of the adventure that will change her life, and the life of her immediate family. Quickly, she learns that she and Aiden will be battling monsters and demons. One case brings them in contact with a “defrocked” priest, and they have to fight the new enemy together.

The story continues with Jeremy’s next book, FBI Ghosts: Writers Fury is the second book in the series.

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Opening the Puzzle Box: The Trilogy (Interview with Angel Thompson) POS:007

It has been said that our children are a puzzle and that we need to put them back together one piece at a time. Yet, as I sit with my son who has Autism I realize that he is not the puzzle….we are.”

The author, Angel Thompson, has written three devotional books for parents with special needs and combined these books into a trilogy. Each book contains personal stories that she and her family have experienced when her son, Joshua, was diagnosed with Autism. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 59 children will be diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. This book is a must for families that are taking the journey of having a loved one diagnosed with Autism. Some families will feel lonely and desperate and Angel Thompson is leading them to the one support that many families need, God.

The True Intimacy of Becoming a Water Walker is the first book that illustrates how to trust in God and know that he will not let you down in any situation that you may face. “To be a water walker means to be a person who is willing to step out of one’s comfort zone in faith, getting your feet wet, and trusting that God will not let you down.” 

True Intimacy is the second book that illustrates how to experience the true intimacy with God by allowing him to come into your heart, have a relationship with him,  and allow him to take charge of your life.

The third book, Life Inside the Box of a Jigsaw Puzzle, explores how families can grasp God’s grace, strength, and hope to understand the world inside the Autism Spectrum.

Her son Joshua wrote a book when he was 7 years old, Jelly Pirates.

You can find his book and Angel’s books on Lulu, Barnes and Nobel, and Amazon.

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Writing Great Stories: Quest for the Golden Quill-(Interview with Charles Hampton)- POS005

“Far better to write in cold blood that which makes your reader’s blood run cold than to compose in passion that which leaves your reader cold. It is the purpose of writing craft—a repertoire of fiction techniques—to provide the author with tools needed to evoke from the reader any response desired.”The Golden Quill

If you are a beginning writer or need to reflect on your own personal writing style, this is a must need resource! The author, Charles Hampton, shares 30 years of research that he has completed assisting other authors to write best sellers.

The “golden quill” is a magical quill that gives authors a great story to tell and the craft needed to tell it successfully.

Writers will learn how to write a good story by learning how to implement “narrative unity,” creating suspense, keeping characters motivated, and developing properly structured scenes and transitions. Shaping your writing techniques is NEVER easy! Authors will expand their writing techniques by learning the craft of characterization, dialogue, description, setting, prose, and editing.

You can find Writing Great Stories at Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, and Amazon.

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Brothers of the Light( Interview with Charles Hampton) POS 004

“I am a sculptor, I am a clay: what shall I make today?” Charles Hampton Bush

The main character in, Brothers of the Light, is an author. Michael St. James completes and celebrates another writing masterpiece. Suddenly, his life becomes more remarkable and extraordinary than any of the books that he has written. He is challenged by the phrase, ” The truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities: Truth isn’t” (Mark Twain).

The author of Brothers of the Light, C.B. Hampton created a science fiction novel that will take his readers through a mystery where they will discover clues revealing who Michael and Daniel St. James truly are.

Michael’s self-discovery is hidden in a statement, “Remember the Ankh!” While he goes through this journey he falls in love and realizes that his life will never be the same.

If you enjoy reading mysteries and science-fiction novels, this is a read for you!

You can find books written by C.B. Hampton including Brothers of the Light at Amazon, Lulu, & Barnes and Nobels.

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