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Writing Great Stories: Quest for the Golden Quill-(Interview with Charles Hampton)- POS005

“Far better to write in cold blood that which makes your reader’s blood run cold than to compose in passion that which leaves your reader cold. It is the purpose of writing craft—a repertoire of fiction techniques—to provide the author with tools needed to evoke from the reader any response desired.”The Golden Quill

If you are a beginning writer or need to reflect on your own personal writing style, this is a must need resource! The author, Charles Hampton, shares 30 years of research that he has completed assisting other authors to write best sellers.

The “golden quill” is a magical quill that gives authors a great story to tell and the craft needed to tell it successfully.

Writers will learn how to write a good story by learning how to implement “narrative unity,” creating suspense, keeping characters motivated, and developing properly structured scenes and transitions. Shaping your writing techniques is NEVER easy! Authors will expand their writing techniques by learning the craft of characterization, dialogue, description, setting, prose, and editing.

You can find Writing Great Stories at Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, and Amazon.

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