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Lack of Candor Review: POS-18

“Life is Cheap-make sure you buy enough.” Carson Reno 

Lack of Candor is the 18th story in the Carson Reno series written by Gerald W. Darnell. The main character, Carson Reno, is a private detective with an office located in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. Carson is a tough, hard drinking and womanizing private detective, but he also shows a sense of humor in difficult situations Carson Reno finds himself protecting a young lady who has information about the death of a Sergeant with the Memphis Police Department. The Sergeant was found dead hours before he was going to give his testimony before a grand jury. Using his connections, he is able to decipher the clues to find the truth behind the events leading up to the death of this Sergeant. The reader will enjoy not only the mystery behind this death but also the pictures that are found on several pages of the book. The author does a tremendous job using visuals that depict the lifestyles of the 60s and readers will be able to “witness” the events that take place in the story as if they were truly present. Was the death of this Sergeant a murder or a suicide?

Information about Gerald W. Darnell:

A Florida native, Gerald grew up in the small town of Humboldt, Tennessee. As a boy, he wrote western stories for his grandmother. In the late 60s and 70s, he wrote articles about outdoor life that included hunting adventures. He collected notes for 20 years that helped him write his first book – ‘Don’t Wake Me Until It’s Time To Go.”  Then, after publication, he was encouraged to do a story about a fictional character from the early 1960’s and Carson Reno was born.

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