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In Time (Interview with Ariel Russell) POS003

“Time is like a tapestry, every strand connected in some way. It weaves over and around itself in one infinite loop.” 

This podcast includes an interview with Ariel Russell the author of In Time.  Ariel shares her inspirations, and the creative process that she experienced as she wrote this novel. Similar to the main character, Ethne, Ariel recently graduated from high school. In Time was Ariel’s senior project and had to be written less than a year. What a huge accomplishment for any writer!  Currently, Ariel is continuing this magical story with a second book in the series.

If you enjoy reading books that include time travel, and mythology, this novel is for you. Like all high school graduates, Ethne is discovering who she is and what her life purpose is. The truth reveals itself, and this journey to self-discovery leads to dimensional time traveling. These adventures include mythical creatures and magical elements. Life decisions have to be made, and Ethne finds her life pathway that she has to now fulfill.  Readers will enjoy taking these life experiences with Ethne and will admire the person that she becomes.

In Time can be purchased on LuLu.com.

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