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The Innocent Stranger Review: POS 28

“Sweetheart, I can fix anything but the break of day and broken heart….. and I’m working on those.” Carson Reno (The Innocent Stranger)

The featured book, The Innocent Stranger, is the twentieth book of the Carson Reno Mystery Series. Gerald Darnell, the author has written each book as stand-alone novels. His writing style allows the readers to transport into the past where detectives not only wore hats and trenchcoats, but they had to solve murder mysteries without modern technology. Detectives had to make connects with cops and criminals to get information about the people they were investigating. Don’t worry if you did not experience the 1950’s or the 1960’s. Gerald includes pictures in his novels so the readers can learn about the nostalgia items and places such as the famous Peabody Hotel and the Starlight Lounge.

The Innocent Stranger contains not only a mystery, but it also has a bit of romance. Russell Maxwell, a truck driver, has gone missing. Carson Reno is hired by an insurance company to resolve a 1.5 million dollar life insurance claim. Carson’s connections do not fail him.  The readers may think that they have the mystery figured out until another body appears in Carson’s complicated case. Will he be able to solve the case before more bodies show up?  He also uses his charming personality which leads to a romance in an unlikely situation. Gerald Darnell does it again! He creates characters that readers are able to connect with and a mystery that contains an unpredictable plot.

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Hell’s Gate Review: POS 27

The eleven with 3 are none without one- Scattered are they that open the gate. The power of god awaits he who walks through” Hell’s Gate

Ernest Dumpsey, the author of Hell’s Gate, has written over 40 books. With his art of historical creativity, he has written a suspenseful archaeology story that will keep the readers wanting more. The readers will travel with the main characters Tara Watson and Alex Simmons to different parts of the world as these characters solve the mystery of who is stealing artifacts from museums. The main antagonist, Buri, is a member of a Natzi group called the Ahnenerbe. He will stop at nothing to find the artifacts that he needs to complete his mission. How does the archaeological site, The Gateway of the Sun in Tiwanaku, Bolivia, have to do with Buri’s mission?  Find out and read the book, Hell’s Gate!