Agent of Time Review- POS 26

“I wanted to write an adventure story where time travel wasn’t just a way to get a character to a different time once or twice, but it was able to be used constantly to solve problems.” Nathan Van Coops

Agent of Time is a science fiction novel that is apart of the In Times Like These series by Nathan Van Coops. The author has created strong characters that readers will be able to identify with if put in the same situations. The main character, Agent Stella York, is trying to prove herself as an FBI agent in 1985. Her first case involves time travel events and evidence, but no one will believe her. Thirteen years later, she is able to solve the case and finds her life’s purpose. She accepts a new job as an agent with Time Crimes.  Readers will enjoy discovering how time travel is accomplished in Agent of Time. If you love time travel and mystery stories, this book is for you!


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