Weave A Web of Witchcraft-Interview with Jean M. Roberts; POS- 025

” Felt like the fly trapped in the spider’s web” Hugh Parsons (Character)

Readers will take a journey back to the life of the 1600s in this historical fiction story. The story begins with High Parsons’ life being controlled by his parents. Hugh had no choice but to become a brick maker even though he wanted to become a farmer. His journey continues in a town called Springfield located in New England. His life spirals out of control after marrying Mary Lewis. He finds himself in court accused of witchcraft. Readers will sympathize with Hugh and Mary as they face difficult tribulations.

The author, Jean M. Roberts, developed the characters and the storyline after completing genealogy research on her family. She invites the readers to not only read about events that occurred with family members but also the rich historical cultural events of the 1600s.

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