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Altered Grace: Interview with A. Tacked- POS21

The book was written primarily to give HOPE. I know that I’m not the only person who has struggled. Perhaps not the same way as others. Unfortunately, I know that we were not alone to be raised by the type of parents that we were raised with.” A. Tacked

A. Tacked writes an extraordinary book about her traumatic and devastating childhood. Being isolated in the county in upstate New York, she was raised by psychopath and serial killer parents. Each chapter in the book will keep the reader wanting to embrace and support all of the children in the family. As the story unfolds, the reader is able to learn how the main character, Helen, finds hope and strength to move forward through all of the violent events that she has to endure. Helen is able to find refuge through wolves, prayers, astral-travel, and by having visits by spirits in her house. Helen was able to be free when she was 18 years of age and hoping that her prayer would be answered that she wanted to “normal.” Readers will not be disappointed while reading this autobiography about a young child who was able to find hope & “a spirit who refused to be destroyed.”

Listen to A. Tacked inspiring story on this podcast.

Watch the episode, The Slaughterhouse, that is featured on the show Haunted. This episode features the author explaining the evil events that occurred in her childhood home. Haunted can be found on Netflix.

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