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Looking Through the Mist-POS 11

“A vague curling mist suddenly crept along the edges of her vision. Oh, no, not again!”  Quote from Looking Through the Mist 

Looking Through the Mist was written by Rebbeca J. Vickery. This book is considered a mystery, an adventure, a romance, and a paranormal thriller. The main character, Jessica Wilder, has psychic abilities. She has used this gift to consult with the FBI to solve cases that involve children for the past 6 years. Bob Strickland was the first FBI agent to believe and trust in Jessica’s visions. Once he retired, she began a new life working as an illustrator for children’s books. While eating at a diner, she had a vision that would change everything. She had to take a leap of faith and report her vision to the local authorities. She met a detective, Johanthan Lansing, who would support her in solving a case. For once in her life, Jessica accepts her psychic visions as a gift and apart of who she is. Her visions are no longer considered a burden. The love between Johnathan and Jessica grows as they solve the case together.

The author, Rebbeca J. Vickery, has a writing style that allows the readers to visualize the charisma the two main characters share. Rebbeca has stated that “The books that I write have traditional romance themes with ironic twists and usually tales in the style of Edgar Allen Poe and Alfred Hitchcock.” After reading, Looking Through the Mist” I can’t agree more with this statement!

The podcast also features a true intuitive medium/psychic investigator, Troy Griffin.

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