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FBI Ghosts: Church of the Fallen- Interview with Jeremy Szekely POS-10

“When I got into writing, it was more about having a way to release creativity. The fact I can share it with the world is what fascinates me.”  Jeremy Szekely

The author of the book, Jeremy Szekely, began writing while he was in high school. Comic book writing was his passion, and he discovered that he could write stories without having to illustrate them. His comic book characters and stories were also centered around characters who were part of the history of the occult and Christianity.

During the interview, he explains the research that he completed while creating this story. Jeremy wanted this story to be based upon actual events that would make the story more intriguing. What would happen if an angel who was also a human existed today? How would society treat them?

Jeremy commented that a storyteller should develop a good story that has likable characters who grow and change throughout the story. Plus, the story should be grounded in reality. The hardest obstacle that Jeremy faced while writing his book is having to kill off a character. When authors create characters, they become attached to them, and it is almost like having a friendship with them.

Power of Story Telling reviewed Church of Fallen on Episode 6. Here is a summary of the review:

The author, Jeremy Szekely, creates an intriguing story that keeps the readers engaged until the end. The readers will sympathize with the characters as they go through difficult trials, and endeavors to save the world. Through these journeys, the main character, Aiden learns how to love, trust others, and how to develop a family bond with others. Grace becomes his new partner with the FBI. Grace is unaware of the adventure that will change her life, and the life of her immediate family. Quickly, she learns that she and Aiden will be battling monsters and demons. One case brings them in contact with a “defrocked” priest, and they have to fight the new enemy together.

The story continues with Jeremy’s next book, FBI Ghosts: Writers Fury is the second book in the series.




Disrupting for Good: Using Passion & Persistence to Create Lasting Change-POS:09

The amazing author of Disrupting for Good, Chris Field, has created a book that has allowed ordinary people who have been “disruptors” to be recognized for their accomplishments. Through Chris’ choices to disrupt the mistreatment of children in Ghana, he leads the example of what a disruptor truly is.  He is the founder and executive director of Mercy Project. The mission of Mercy Project is to rescue children from slavery. They partner with families and communities trapped in the cycle of poverty, empowering them with sustainable economic solutions in order to free children from forced labor.

Chris has completed research and shares other disruptors accomplishments that create better futures for society. A nursing home in Seattle has a daycare center for children contained in the same building. A Boston pizza restaurant hires individuals that are deaf and communicate by using sign language. The customers have to order by using sign language. There are many more stories with creative and touching ideas! Disrupting Good will have readers wanting to be apart of disrupting what needs to be changed in the world and becoming a disruptor.

This podcast also recognizes people that have created businesses in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that gives individuals who are disabled a better future through education, job training, and hope. These businesses are Hugs Cafe (McKinney, Texas), Blake’s Snow Shack (Sanger, Texas),  North Texas Autism Community-29 Acres Transition Academy (Cross Roads, Texas), and Nonpareil Institute (Plano & Houston Texas).

What is your story?