What Lies Beyond-POS002

What Lies Beyond is written by an independent writer, Zachary Betters. If you love to read horror books about haunted hotels, this book is for you! A father and his two sons are healing from losing their mother/wife to a violent crime. Charles, the father, accepts a job promotion that relocates the family to Kansas. On the way to Kansas, a tornado destroys their new home and they have to stay in a hotel. One hotel that they stay at includes activities that the boys enjoy. Chaos happens when the family finds themselves in the middle of paranormal activities. Charles is able to protect his family from a spirit who is seeking revenge.

Zachary Betters, an independent author, is majoring in Software Development and Design. He has been writing since he was 10 years old, and published his first book, Mindless, in 2015. What Lies Beyond can be purchased at Lulu.com.

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